EXTRAordinary GIVE




LOVE KAIROS & GIVE EXTRA ORDINARILY on Friday, November 18, 2016! . . .

Please help us reach our 2016 goal of $12,000!

We are hoping for 50+ people to go online November 18 @ 12:00 a.m. – YES!  that’s at the stroke of MIDNIGHT November 20 the ExtraGive event will BEGIN!  Help us win an EXTRA $1,000 by being the first organization to have 50 people donate at midnight!

You can DONATE using your favorite mobile device!  So even if you are “out and about” you can use your smart phone or iPad or other mobile device to donate, watch the donations grow and see how your favorite organization (KAIROS of course!) is doing throughout the day!   Check out Facebook and Twitter – these social media sites will be bursting with announcements about what events are happening throughout the Lancaster county communities!  Download the ExtraGive App to your device today!   Go to… http://www.extragiveapp.com/

Click here to PREVIEW the KAIROS’ ExtraGive webpage

NOTE:  This webpage will have a “live” donate button for your KARIOS online donation on Nov 18.



Click here to go to the Lancaster Community ExtraGive webpage

NOTE:  This webpage provides more details about the Lancaster Community ExtraGive event.