Integrating the Contemplative Journey

“Integrating the Contemplative Journey” will explore the questions: “How does my changed life, change the world? and ” What does contemplation in action actually mean?”

In a community of like-minded contemplatives, we will explore how our contemplative posture and practice shapes and informs an outward movement that extends beyond our inner experience, to our external world and the communities where we live.

In this community we will discuss, reflect, and notice how our own core values and motivations guide and influence the choices we make, and be challenged to consider how an increased awareness of these values and motivations can lead us to choose our actions differently.

This class will meet for five Saturday sessions during the 2017-2018 school year: November 18, 2017, December 2, 2017, February 3, 2018, March 3, 2018 and April 7, 2018.

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Class Objectives
About the Faculty
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Integrating Prospectus

 Class Objectives

  • To grow a community of practitioners for support and accountability in our lives of contemplative action
  • To develop the core values and motivations from which we live
  • To be attentive to what is already, and to cultivate our awareness of what could be
  • To engage in contemplative practices
  • To increase the ways our contemplative practice informs our action
  • To develop regular rhythms of pausing, reflecting, examining and acting

For a full class description, please reference the 17-18 Integrating Prospectus (right).

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About the Faculty

Learn about Caz Tod-Pearson

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Cost & Payment Schedule

Non-refundable Application Fee:    $75 Due with application ($25 if registered by July 5, 2017)

Cost of Tuition/Meals:    $350 (Cost based on five Saturday retreats with lunch included. Dates are: November 18, 2017, December 2, 2017, February 3, 2018, March 3, 2018, and April 7, 2018).

For those desiring additional time and space to journey within this community, full weekend options will be available for the cost of meals and lodging–$950 for all five weekends. Call for additional overnight options.


Financial assistance is available on a very limited basis. Applicants are encouraged to seek other resources of funding from their local church or religious affiliations. $500 per year is the maximum award and is based upon available funding. Please include a letter of request with your application by July 1 to be considered.


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Enrollment ProcessIntegrating Application

  1. Submit a completed 17-18 Integrating Application (at right) and personal essay via email to or mail to 2160 Lincoln Highway East #13, Lancaster, PA 17602. A $75 application fee is due at the time application and can be made via Paypal (link below) or mailed with application.
  2. After receiving and reviewing the application and essay, Kairos will send a letter to confirm your enrollment in the class.
  3. Make first tuition payment by August 1, 2017.

* Special Note: If you have special dietary needs, mobility issues, or other needs that might impact your program experience, please notify Kairos staff when registering so that appropriate accommodations can be made.

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Pay Application Fee

A $75 application fee is due with application. You may pay now via Paypal (use a credit card, debit card, or Paypal account).

Application Fee – Early bird extended through JULY 5

Tuition Payments

Once you receive a confirmation of enrollment, you may make your first tuition payment (due August 1, 2017). Before making your payment,  please review the terms and conditions HERE.  Then select your payment amount and type your name in the box below to indicate that you “accept the Terms/Conditions.”

Payment Choices
I accept the Terms/Conditions

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