Contemplative Programs

Contemplative Programs & Weekend Retreatsarches_with_chairs2

In addition to our Formation community, KAIROS offers a variety of contemplative programs and retreats designed to deepen one’s spiritual journey. Participants are invited to explore a journey to inner stillness as a path to seeing God in all of life.  Discover the invitation that awaits within a year-long program or weekend retreat.

Awakening to Mystery

(year-long program)

This program will consist of eight weekend retreats and a day in December of meditation and prayer. The retreats will be grounded in silence and Christian contemplative spirituality yet will draw on the wisdom of other religious traditions. In a nurturing and supportive community, we intend to weave together a rich experience of meditation, prayer, and ritual to integrate the mind, soul, and body in the work of awakening to the greater Mystery that holds all.  Learn more…

Integrating the Contemplative Journey

(five Saturday retreats)

“Integrating the Contemplative Journey”, a NEW offering for Kairos, will explore the questions: “How does my changed life, change the world? and ” What does contemplation in action actually mean?” In a community of like-minded contemplatives, we will explore how our contemplative posture and practice shapes and informs an outward movement that extends beyond our inner experience, to our external world and the communities where we live. Learn more…

Sabbath Space

(eight day retreats, third Thursdays of October 2016 through May 2017)

Leaders in Ministry and those in Care-giving positions are highly susceptible to burnout. Meeting the needs of others, without caring for oneself is exhausting, and in extreme cases can result in Compassion Fatigue. “Sabbath Space” is a monthly day apart intended to provide the gift of personal and shared silence, and time for reflection on your relationship with God. The focus of these days will be resting in the heart of Holiness and soaking in God’s love with others who engage in similar ministries, so that we are better equipped to work and serve in all of life. Learn more…

Guided Silent Retreat Weekends

(individual weekend or packages)

Silent Retreats offer a sacred space of silence, stillness, and rest, to facilitate deeper listening to our own hearts and to God. Each weekend will be shaped by this intention. KAIROS Silent Retreats are held at the Jesuit Center, Wernersville, PA.  This setting includes classrooms, chapels, peaceful nooks and 260 acres of rolling hills and woods for strolling and solitude. Contemplative group prayer is offered several times throughout the weekend. Students have private rooms with shared baths.

2016-2017 Dates: September 9-11, 2016; October 7-9, 2016; November 4-6, 2016; January 6-8, 2017; February 3-5, 2017; March 3-5, 2017; April 7-9, 2017; May 5-7, 2017 Learn more…

Lectio Divina Retreat

(one weekend retreat)

For each retreat we will come together to listen for God through the practice of lectio divina.  There will be a common thread linking 3 or 4 scripture passages together.  You will be encouraged to slow your pace for the retreat.  There will be structured time that we will share as a group and there will also be unstructured time (some designated for silence).  Resources for how you might enhance this experience will be provided for those who are interested.  This retreat is designed to create space for rest and renewal for the whole person.  You are welcome to simply “be with God”. Learn more…