Spiritual Formation Program

Deepening Prayer and Contemplative Leadership

Going deeper … into God’s love … in God’s time. Deepening Prayer and Contemplative Leadership integrates both a deepening of the inward journey and contemplative movement outward to people and circumstances in our every day life. It facilitates paying attention to the interior life so that one’s leadership (at home, work or church) emerges from a place of connectedness to God and one’s true self. Through class participation, readings, discussion, group prayer, and time for silence and solitude, participants will become more aware of God’s movement in their own life, open themselves to ongoing transformation  and explore how this transformation affects the way in which they lead others.

Kairos’ Spiritual Formation courses build upon the learnings and experiences of each of the previous year’s class. Foundations of the Contemplative Life or an equivalent experience in Spiritual Formation is recommended prior to this class.

Class Objectives
Retreat Themes
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Enrollment Process
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Objectives Deepening Prospectus

  1. To deepen one’s personal journey and relationship with God through prayer, meditation, silence and reflection.
  2. To engage in contemplative prayer practices in personal and group settings.
  3. To identify common experiences of the spiritual journey and to reflect on and articulate one’s own journey within the group setting.
  4. To expand one’s practice of contemplative leadership in home, work, community and world.
  5. To be available to God’s ongoing transformation that leads to greater freedom and wholeness.

For a full class description, please reference the 17-18 Deepening Prospectus (right).

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Retreat Themes

  1. Signs of God’s Presence
  2. Discernment/Attachment and Detachment
  3. Aligned and Opposing Desires
  4. Waiting in Expectation
  5. Surrender into Love and Grace
  6. Darkness and Dryness
  7. Holy creativity/creative holiness
  8. Holistic Spirituality
  9. Integration of Contemplative Prayer and Life

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About the Faculty

Learn about Paul Burgmayer

Learn about Jean Lengacher

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Cost & Payment Schedule

The cost  of $1,855 is based on two full weekends (Sept. and May) and six 24 hour retreats (Friday 5:00 pm to Saturday 5:00 pm (Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr) plus Advent Day on December 2, 2017. You may choose to extend any 24 hour retreat for the additional cost of meals and lodging.

Non-refundable Application Fee: $75 Due with application ($25 if registered by July 1)
Tuition $1,005
Room & Board $850
$1,855   TOTAL Tuition/Room & Board
Payment Schedule $618 Due August 1, 2017
$618 Due December 1, 2017
$619 Due March 1, 2018


For those desiring additional time and space to journey within this community, full weekend options will be available for the cost of meals and lodging–$475 for five extra nights (Saturday night) with meals (Saturday dinner-Sunday lunch). Those extending their stay are welcome to join in All-School Prayers on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Please call with questions about  additional overnight options or to add this cost to your payment plan.

Financial assistance is available on a very limited basis. Applicants are encouraged to seek other resources of funding from their local church or religious affiliations. $500 per year is the maximum award and is based upon available funding. Please include a letter of request with your application by July 1 to be considered.
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Enrollment Process

  1. Submit a completed 17-18 Deepening Application and personal essay via email to office@kairosjourney.org or mail to 2160 Lincoln Highway East #13, Lancaster, PA 17602. A $75 application fee ($25 if registered by July 1) is due at the time application and can be made via Paypal (link below) or mailed with application.
  2. Have three personal references submit references forms to Kairos. Please note, references are not required for returning Kairos students.
  3. After receiving and reviewing application, essay, and references, Kairos will send a letter to confirm your enrollment in the class.
  4. Make first tuition payment by August 1, 2017.

**Special Note – If you need regular menu items prepared differently, such as low-salt, or vegetarian items, please advise our administrative staff upon registering for a class/retreat. If you need specialized alternatives that are not routinely stocked by the Jesuit Center kitchen, please bring them with you and inquire about refrigerated storage space.

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Pay Application Fee

A $75 application fee is due with application. You may pay now via Paypal (use a credit card, debit card, or Paypal account).

Pay EARLY BIRD by July 1

Tuition Payments

Once you receive a confirmation of enrollment, you may make your first tuition payment (due August 1, 2017). Before making your payment,  please review the terms and conditions HERE.  Then select your payment amount and type your name in the box below to indicate that you “accept the Terms/Conditions.”

Payment Choices
I accept the Terms/Conditions

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