Spiritual Direction Training

“Spiritual Direction is about holy listening, presence and attentiveness.”  ~ M. Guenther

Spiritual Direction is an ancient form of strengthening and encouraging one another in Christ (Hebrews 3:13-14).  It is a process where we become more aware of God’s presence and activity in our lives, and learn to respond with our whole being–head, heart, body, and soul. It is directive only in so far as the director and directee attend to the movement (e.g. direction) of the Holy Spirit in the directee’s life.

Spiritual Direction is a reflective and evocative experiential mode of being with directees as they attend to God’s activity in their lives and prayer. The contemplative approach helps directees follow God’s movement to its deepest place, on the midst of life’s ordinary and extraordinary chaos.

This is a course that may be helpful to clergy, pastors and other faith professionals.

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Overview of the ProgramSDT Prospectus

KAIROS offers two courses in Spiritual Direction Training–weekday or weekend. Each course is designed as a two-year program of contemplative spiritual direction training which includes required readings, assignments, and verbatim reports of direction sessions.  Each student is expected to be engaged in directing other persons, as well as receiving spiritual direction while in the program.  Peer supervision is a key element of the learning process.

This training builds on and deepens other spiritual disciplines.  Thus it is important that those coming into this program have a well-rounded foundation in Spiritual Formation, and are men and women on a sincere journey of prayer.  Although this is an intense program of learning, the training builds on the simplicity of a contemplative life.  Periods of silence are encouraged.  Sharing one’s experience of the movement of God out of the silence and regular times for prayer and worship enrich the training.

More details for this class are available in the most recent Prospectus

Please note that an interview is a required part of the application process – and will be scheduled after receiving your application, application fee, essay, and letters of recommendation.

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Program Themes

  • Introduction to Contemplative Spiritual Direction
  • Beginning Spiritual Direction & Ethical Considerations – Part 1
  • Attending to God-Person Relationship
  • Attending to Director-Directee Relationship
  • On Being Contemplative
  • Discernment in Spiritual Direction – Part 1
  • Spiritual Direction & Spiritual Practices
  • Spiritual Direction, Counseling, & other Professional Ministries
  • Discernment in Spiritual Direction – Part 2
  • Befriending our Desires
  • Human Formation: Adult Faith Development
  • Integral Spirituality & a Rising Consciousness
  • Diversity in Spiritual Direction
  • Sexuality, Spirituality & Spiritual Direction
  • The Dark Night and Dark Night Experiences
  • Exploring your Ministry & Ethics – Part 2

A spiritual director companions another to explore,Who is God for me and who am I for God?
  ~ W. Barry & W. Connolly

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About the Faculty

Learn about Carolynne Ervin

Learn about Laurie Mellinger

Learn about Steven Shussett

Cost and Payment Schedule for Weekend Spiritual Direction Training – 2017-2019

This class meets monthly during the weekend September through May at the Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth.

Please note that this fee is paid in the first year only.

COST of TUITION (includes Room & Board): $2,997 per year

The first tuition payment ($999) is due August 1, 2017.
Second portion of tuition payment ($999) is due December 1, 2017
The final tuition payment ($999) is due on March 1, 2018.

The first tuition payment of year two ($999) is due August 1, 2018.
Second portion of tuition payment of year two ($999) is due December 1, 2018
The final tuition payment of year two ($999) is due on March 1, 2019.


Financial assistance is available on a very limited basis. Applicants are encouraged to seek other resources of funding from their local church or religious affiliations. $500 per year is the maximum award and is based upon available funding. Please include a letter of request with your application by July 1 to be considered.


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Enrollment Process for Weekend Spiritual Direction Training – 2017-2019

  1. Submit a completed application and personal essay via email to office@kairosjourney.org or mail to 2160 Lincoln Highway East #13, Lancaster, PA 17602. A $150 application fee ($100 if submitted by June 1) is due at the time application and can be made via Paypal (link below) or mailed with application.
  2. Have three personal references submit references forms to Kairos.
  3. After receiving and reviewing application, essay, and references, Kairos will schedule an in-person interview.
  4. If accepted, please submit up-to-date state and FBI background clearances to Kairos, along with your first tuition payment by August 1, 2017.

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 Pay Application Fee for Weekend Spiritual Direction Training – 2017-2019

A $150 application fee ($100 if submitted by June 1) is due with application. You may pay now via Paypal (use a credit card, debit card, or Paypal account).

Payment Choices


Pay the Tuition for Weekend Spiritual Direction Training  (2017-2019)

Once you receive a confirmation of enrollment, you may make your first tuition payment (due August 1, 2017). Before making your payment,  please review the terms and conditions HERE.  Then select your payment amount and type your name in the box below to indicate that you “accept the Terms/Conditions.”

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